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Born of an appreciation for images and textiles that touch a core within, Tribute Goods is a luxury Italian linen company based in Houston, Texas. Residential interior designer, Karen Pulaski, launched the company with the intention of sharing her love of art and beauty through creative collaboration with fine artists, seasoned linen purveyors, Italian graphic designers and printers. She has developed meaningful themes and exquisite artwork that evolved into distinct collections. What began with a few scribbles has become one-of-a-kind works of art that are digitally printed on a canvas of the finest Italian textiles. Our many successes now include the NY Now “Best New Product Award,” the Neiman Marcus cover for Spring Home Catalog 2015, Paper City “Best in Product Design” by esteemed judges Rachel Ashwell, Jan Showers and Barbara Westbrook, Modern Luxury Interiors “2017 Best Bedding Design,” and several featured editorials.

Inside Tribute Goods
Inside Tribute Goods Fine Linens
Textile Fabrication Loom
Textile Fabrication Loom


With quality and artistry as our priority, we chose to source our textiles and fabricators from among the best in the world.

Honoring the rich tradition of luxury textile production, our workrooms in Italy have been in existence since the mid nineteenth century. The benefit of our vetting process is that each item we produce is made to last a lifetime!


Pulaski has an interior design degree from the University of Texas at Austin. She is an allied member of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), and has had private clients in New York City, Los Angeles, and Texas for more than two decades. She has also served as a trustee, board member, and event chairperson for numerous Houston organizations, including the Museum of Fine Arts, the Contemporary Arts Museum, the Children’s Museum and the AIDS Foundation. Merging two of her passions, Pulaski often pairs clients with emerging artists to inject soul into living spaces, layering the storied and old with the fresh and modern.

Karen Pulaski, Founder & Creative Director, Tribute Goods
Karen Pulaski, Founder & Creative Director, Tribute Goods


As a tribute to our community, Tribute Goods donates 10% of profits to organizations supporting the arts, education, and AIDS research. We hope to bring you ceremony in everyday life with our collections that have been created in tribute to artists, ourselves, and our community.

Neiman Marcus Cover 2015
Cover of Neiman Marcus Spring 2015


  • NY Now "Best New Product Award"
  • Neiman Marcus Spring Catalog Cover
  • Paper City "Best in Product Design"
  • Modern Luxury Interiors "2017 Best Bedding Design”


All of our collections are created in collaboration with non-commercial artists and printed on the finest Italian woven Egyptian cotton Sateen. Artisans in Italy cut and sew all of our collections like fine tailors.

All of our collections are stocked in Houston, Texas.

Original watercolor tile for The Elements


Beautifully rendered water colored artwork illustrates the symbols of earth, air, water and fire for this collection.

About the artist:

A native Texan, Nancy Ruby completed her education in San Antonio with a BA from Trinity University where she studied art with a concentration in painting. From there she lived in Houston and worked in the interior design business first as a custom rug designer, then as owner of a decorative painting company. A full time resident of Sedona since 2008, she continues to develop her painting, which is largely abstract. “I paint what I want to learn about myself and about the world around me, it is my chosen path of self expression, a report of my experience.“

Strength & Beauty Art
An assembled motif from Strength and Beauty.


Created from one of a kind water colored artwork. Inspired by the balance of a structural foundation with the fluid femininity of an abstracted English rose.

About the artist

Native to the wooded northern suburbs of Chicago Illinois, Kia Neill grew up in a family of artists, designers and illustrators. Neill received her BFA from The Columbus College of Art and Design in Columbus Ohio, and her MFA from The University of California, San Diego. She moved to Houston Texas in July 2006 and is currently full-time faculty at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston Glassell School of Art.

Wisdom & Purity Spring Art
Hummingbirds and lilac burst derived from Wisdom and Purity.


Created from a rich oil painting commissioned exclusively for this collection. Wisdom and Purity is a landscape that balances foxgloves, butterflies, a hummingbird and a majestic owl against a backdrop of graffiti hidden by its own beauty within the natural elements. The composition is layered, complex and mesmerizing.

About the artist

Kevin Peterson was born in 1979 in Elko, Nevada. After a childhood which included stints in Nevada, Michigan and Washington, Kevin arrived in Texas in 1996. He studied art and psychology at Austin College in Sherman, TX. He received degrees in Fine Art and Psychology in 2001. Kevin now makes his home in Houston, TX where he works out of Winter Street Studios.Hummingbirds and lilac burst derived from Wisdom and Purity.

Royal Sapphire & White
Artwork tile from Royal Sapphire and White.


Inspired by the rich blue of Portuguese tiles, our timeless and vibrant pattern is reminiscent of a compass rose from a nautical chart. Paired with our custom dyed Sapphire sateen, this collection is our interpretation of a classic blue and white color scheme.

 Gemstone Art
Artwork from Gemstone Collection.


Created from cross-sections of Rhodochrosite crystals that were developed into our one-of-a-kind artwork. This crystal is said to encourage self-love, balance and joy in your life.

Abstract Ikat Artwork
Original Artwork from Abstract Ikat Collection.


This collection is grounded with familiar imagery of an iconic geometric pattern. The imperfect lines created from original water color artwork maintain the feeling of an ikat print. Negative space within the borders creates a rhythmic harmonious flow between the wisps of the artists brush strokes.

Graffiti Artwork Tile
Original Artwork from Graffiti Collection.


A beautiful border of graffiti developed from the artwork commissioned by Kevin Peterson for the Wisdom and Purity collection.