Architectural Digest
September 2019

As seen in "Windsor Smith Redefines Luxury Living for the Modern Family", featuring (in order of appearance) our Embroidery Rope Collection, “Au Coeur de la Vie” Hermès PillowEmbroidery Link Collection, Soleil Hermès PillowEmbroidery Clover Collection"Attrape Tes Reves" Hermès Pillow, Handwoven Large Charcoal BlanketSimple Solids Collection in Oyster, Handwoven Blanket in Lilac,  Winter Walk Hermès PillowSavile Row Bedding Embroidery Rope Collection, Tribute Goods, Windsor SmithEmbroidery Link Collection, Tribute Goods, Windsor SmithClover Embroidery Collection, Tribute Goods, Windsor Smith Navy Handwoven Blanket, Tribute GoodsSolid Collection, Handwoven Blanket, Tribute Goods, Windsor SmithWinter Walk Hermes Pillow, Tribute Goods Linens, Windsor SmithSavile Row Bedding, Tribute Goods Linens, Windsor Smith