Creating a Fantasy Urban Landscape

Creating a Fantasy Urban Landscape

I often find my inspiration while traveling. The Wisdom and Purity collection was created from images within my mind that were developed after a regenerativel trip to the desert in California. I wanted to illustrate a fantasy urban landscape with rich greenery and flowers as well as a few living creatures with positive symbolism.  I learned of artist Kevin Peterson’s work and began to reach out to him to commission an oil painting that we could use as our master digital file for this collection.  I knew that I wanted an entire painting so I could print a silk/cashmere throw with the entire design. 

Here is the original oil painting! 

Fantasy Urban Landscape Painting by Kevin Peterson

After creating a high resolution digital scan of the original artwork, we isolated different elements to create several other collections from the painting. 

Foxglove Border

This image shows the foxglove border that we created from the painting. We print the foxglove border in strips and then our workroom in Italy cuts and sews the borders as appliqué.  The corners all have to be carefully mitered to match up all of the original artwork. It is time consuming and takes the most skilled craftsmen! 
luxury italian bedding italian euro with foxglove modern floral

Allover Floral

This sham shows our allover floral design that we created from the original painting. We created a floral design from outlining the flowers that were in the artwork in a photoshop program and then recreating a design of the flowers that is not repeated for 120” in width and 120” in height! We also played with the color to give it this rich lavender hue with almost a clay tone in the center of the flowers.  This required huge high resolution files and skilled printers in Italy.  

modern floral bedding luxury italian euro


Here is an image of the printed silk and cashmere backed throw that shows the entire image of the painting. Also we have shown 3 different silk pillows that we created from isolating those parts from the painting in photoshop. The scale was a challenge for these! 

Italian Silk and Cashmere Hummingbird Throw with Owls and Foxgloves


Our most recent collection using this digital file is the Graffiti Collection shown below. Again the graffiti was isolated in Photoshop and a repeating pattern was created for our border. We chose to print the graffiti on oyster grey so the colors had to be intensified to pop more off the grey tone. We love this chic, edgy and sophisticated look! 

chic modern edgy bedding with graffiti